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CAMPAM-LCAMPAM-L This list is for people interested in Marine Protected Areas
management, science, policy, and governance in the Caribbean
region. The list is supported by the Gulf and Caribbean
Fisheries Institute (, the United Nations Environment
Programme Caribbean Environment Programme, and the National
Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration's National Ocean Service.
The moderator of the list is Georgina Bustamante

Georgina Bustamante, Ph.D.
Caribbean Marine Protected Area Managers Network
and Forum

"A social network for enhancing MPA
effectiveness in the
Wider Caribbean through communication and
capacity building tools"
FISHSPAWN-LFISHSPAWN-L The FishSpawn-L is intended for fishers, scientists, managers, students, tour-
operators, conservationists, and others interested in exchanging ideas, best practices, news,
questions, education/outreach products etc., on the science and management of fish spawning
GCFINETGCFINET The purpose of the list is to connect all persons interested in
Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean marine resources as well as GCFI
GPML-CARIBGPML-CARIB Caribbean Node for the Global Partnership on Marine Litter
STROMBUS-LSTROMBUS-L The purpose of the list is to connect all persons
with interests in queen conch in order to open lines of
communication for scientific and local knowledge.
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